Thursday, 14 October 2021


The United Conservative Party Fight Song (Cheat Sheets Available)

My Ma and Pa were sibs

Raised up cross-eyed kids

For Alberta free and strong

Inbred genes gone wrong

I don’t read the news

Doesn’t suit my views

My reality it seems

A host of internet memes

Covid is an elitist joke

A verified commie hoax

I won’t get no vax

‘Cause I know the facts

Rodeos and QAnon

Sunday best, tin hat on

A global conspiracy

Can’t fool me

Tried to drink javel

Didn’t feel so well

Now my Invermectin

Is a miracle confection

Think I've shat my breath

Feeling much like death

Gasping in the ICU

I’ll leave room for you

meGeoff has been your most unreliable, unbalanced and inaccurate alternative source of some of the worst poetry ever written since 2013. My novella Of Course You Did is available. Visit to find your preferred format and retailer

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