Thursday, 10 November 2016


A Whole New Ballgame: meGeoff’s Political Analysis as Sports Clichés

It was supposed to be a coronation. There was no redemption Tuesday night for Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Despite a long career of posting stellar regular season statistics, the steady veteran choked when the prize was within reach, missing her gut check appointment with destiny. She left her ‘A’ game in the chummy confines of the clubhouse. Clinton, battered after years on the gridiron, could not summon that old college magic to carry her team on her shoulders, failing to execute in the red zone, in the key and from the slot. Underdog Donald Trump proved to be the big dog as he battled relentlessly, ducking jabs and wildly counter punching and even landing some hellacious body blows through to the final bell, reaching the green and winning the battles in the corners and along the side wall. The Republicans didn’t draft the tough guy from Brooklyn for his finesse. The ensuing result defied Vegas odds-makers, coming out of left field as it did. Clinton’s coaching staff neglected to account for the intangibles, the 12th man in the arena, Trump’s supporters who are traditionally derided as the worst fans in the nation. As valuable seconds ticked away on what began ostensibly as a slam dunk, a suspect offside call by the FBI derailed Clinton’s game plan; had her calling foul and glaring at the hapless zebras, stalling her sprint to the finish. Trump made in-game adjustments, moving to a no-huddle offense utilizing his vaunted full-court press against Clinton’s excruciatingly dull trap and seized the contest’s momentum at a crucial juncture on the clock as the gun sounded the two minute warning. His late innings rally racked up the winning tally with the prospect of overtime looming. Politics is a rough and dirty game and this epic tilt was no exception. While it will never be considered a classic it spoke to the transcendent nature of blood sport and will certainly be remembered as one for the ages. It may have been an ugly win for Trump who’s forged a career winning ugly but the record books will only show a W, proof that the best team, on paper at least, does not always emerge victorious. Retirement beckons for Clinton, often perceived and portrayed somewhat accurately as one of the game’s chillier and more analytical stars. Somebody somewhere will hold a Clinton night for the defeated warrior as she hangs them up for the last time. A banner will be raised to the rafters in her honour. People will cheer. The fluttering silk will only cover her perennial and unlovable loser tag, not erase it.

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