Friday, 27 February 2015



One Side of an Old Times’ Sake Reunion Inadvertently Recorded in a Starbucks

Hey, look at you! It’s plain to see, you’re embracing life gluten-free
Say what? Oh, now you’re vegan too? God, I live for barbecue
Fossil fuels are the evil apogee? Lucky your tablet consumes no energy
I don’t agree vaccines are bad, mumps and measles don’t make me glad
Fitness boot camps and hot yoga? I work out with whiskey and soda
Some whine with your soy latte? Lululemon costs a lot, eh?
Anyway you’re feeling fitter, working as an activist on Twitter
Old friend, to your new values be true. Me? I still windmill to The Who
Yes, I’m dying for a cigarette, so I’ll excuse myself without regret
Out in the streets I’ll find more fun as I’ve since learned we’re one and done

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