Monday, 19 May 2014



The Sky Fell Down Today


The news is barely three hours old. Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price will not play again in the Eastern Conference finals against the New York Rangers. You have to think that Price’s right knee, which he re-injured during the Winter Olympics and wrenched again Saturday afternoon in a suspect collision, will now be a chronic concern for the duration of his career. Even Bobby Orr couldn’t play every game on just one leg.


Prior to game one, it was pick ‘em on paper, two similar teams with speed, a little grit and great goaltending. An aura of destiny was beginning to surround the Habs although it was too soon to speak it. The 7-2 spanking and Price not starting the third period Saturday afternoon were causes of mild alarm. Then again, a post-Bruins letdown seemed inevitable. Anyway, the Habs lost the first game of the 1979 Stanley Cup final to New York before taking the next four so perhaps the universe was unfolding as it should.


And then this morning following a fine long weekend and game day breakfast of ham hash and scrambled eggs doused with Louisiana hot sauce: the apocalypse, the end of days, catastrophe. A great wailing moan of despair for now we are surely doomed. Our best player is done and so are our chances. Teeth must be gnashed; wrists must be slit.

And yet, gutting out eight more wins through a maximum of 13 games is not impossible. Could happen. Maybe backup Peter Budaj has cut a deal with Ol’ Scratch. Could have. Maybe the Canadiens are destined to win it all no matter what. Could be.

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