Friday, 13 September 2013



The Pussycat, the Penguin and the Polar Bear


A penguin and a polar bear became acquainted in a zoo

And learned they shared a friend who roved the poles between the two

Yes, a pussycat named Angus, whose mother called him Gus

Who can pilot ships and aero-planes, and sometimes drives a bus

The great white beast sat back a bit, deciding to repose

‘I used to live up north, you know, and swim from floe to floe

And Angus flew in often, to pass the time of day

A little chat and a lot of fish, before he made his way’

The penguin said, ‘I envy you to lounge about like that

I can stand or belly-flop, but I’m never on my back.

Angus used to visit me down where the south gets cold

He was a hardy sailor, a mariner quite bold’

‘Bird,’ said bear, ‘that cat, that cat is smarter than us

I bet he knows we’re here, our friend we both call Gus’

‘Bear, he is a crafty critter, who seems to know his stuff

I’ll wager you a fish or two that he knows you’re on your duff’

Just then there came a rumble, an engine with a purr

And Angus sat before them, grooming his tabby fur

‘My friends, it’s good to see you, but not in a place like this

I’ve come to liberate you,’ the cat said with a hiss

‘A zoo is a zoo and no place for you, though the digs seem fine enough

My friends, you deserve much better,’ said the pussycat named Gus

‘My friends, I saw the ice was melting, Earth slimming at each pole

And people think they’re helping by adding to your woes

You see what hovers behind me? It’s a scientific contraption

Something I’ve constructed for bird and bear extraction

Climb aboard! Climb aboard and fasten your safety belts

I know of a place for both you where nothing ever melts

Beside it is a place for me that’s filled with mice to stalk

Between the two for me and you is a place to meet and talk’

And so they went, so they went, away in their flying machine

As the keepers looked aghast, the three friends got away clean

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