Sunday, 10 January 2016


Going Mobile

There was some good news in the financial pages last week. Honest. Wednesday the Globe and Mail reported that auto makers had their boats floated by record sales in Canada in 2015. Almost two million Canadians cruised away from car dealerships in sparkling new toys fueled by low interest rates and inexpensive gasoline.

At this point it’s impossible to speculate how many of the new vehicles will be subject to recall.

However, the industry’s long term prospects appear to be rosier than the paint job on a pink Cadillac despite the recent economic downturn. The article went on to say that ‘there are a record 10 million vehicles on Canada’s roads that are 10-years-old or older.’ Car manufacturers are salivating over this sea of potential sales.

Canadian cab drivers meanwhile have torpedoed any enthusiasm over the auto sector’s resurgence and would prefer maintaining the status quo, the way things always were and used to be, as vehicles aged in double digits are strictly verboten with Uber.

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