Friday, 30 October 2015


Manifesto a Go-Go

Extremely bad poetry
Is my personal specialty

Readers recognize the signs
Simple couplets of AA rhymes

My punctuation makes no sense
And meter’s of no consequence

How I love the music of our words
Semantic notes waiting to be heard

Our language is a living thing
meGeoff yearns to make it sing

With the jazz inflections of the Beats
To Dr. Seuss and the odes of Keats

From Ogden Nash to Edward Lear
Schemes of words, I hold dear

Alas, dear me, I'm not any good
I wish I may; I wish I could

Oh, to compose more compelling verse
To be a writer, and not the worst


  1. How about a reflective point of view of "Franks Wild Years?"
    Maybe I'm too sentimental...
    But it"s still one of my tops. I wish I could grow up and get old. But no fucking way. The majority just have no clue! I have to carry the torch! Hahahahaha..... After all, we"re innocent when we dream......

  2. Me too. Honestly.... I don't want to live to a hundred! I don't feel the need to be shitting my pants and having someone clean me.
    I like having fun while I can enjoy and remember it!
    When it's time, it's time.....
    Until then......

  3. P.S.
    Duke Street Kings is a great read. I Loved it!
    I hope you have great sales...
    I"ve been looking for a copy of your first novel, but unfortunately, I'm not going to pay $58.00 for a second hand paperback book on eBay! Especially, when I know the author!! Maybe you can pull some strings? No worries... I'll get one I'm sure.
    I'm proud to be your first sale of Duke Street Kings!
    But you could've signed the book you schmuck!!
    There are also signed copies of your first novel out there for sale....
    But it's not your signature. I'll never forget your "left" handed scroll. It's so unique.

    1. I couldn't sign the book for you because it was printed & shipped from Vancouver where my publisher is, I live in Edmonton.

      My first book is on e-bay? I wouldn't pay $58 either - especially as I wouldn't get a penny.

      Am very, very glad that you enjoyed Duke Street & that means a lot to me because it took years to write. Thank you.