Monday, 13 January 2014



Scamp’s 21st Century Marine Cadence Blues


Are my claws in your shoulder
Excuse me, sir, come a bit closer
Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen
This old house puts the M in mean
Woe is me, I’m wasting away
I’ve been fed just once today
Now listen, mister, I ain’t fat
All tabby toms are built like that
What’s so funny about my striped girth
I ain’t no joke, no waddling mirth
I don’t get no dinner ‘til 'bout five
Times are hard, help me survive
Oh brother, can you spare some kibble
Something tasty that I can nibble
See this long and graceful stretch
It helps me puke, I like to retch
A soggy hairball for your time, sir
I made it myself with my own fur
A gift from a sad and forsaken pet
With eight long lives to be seen out yet

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