Tuesday, 29 October 2013


21st Century 24–Hour News Cycle Blues

Pastel Elvis in Kresge windows
Soviet missiles in Black Sea silos

Playgrounds, parties, pets and priests
Analog world without Tweets

Cable TV was three border stations
Rabbit ears with tin foil mutations

I got old last week and realized how
Took a pen to paper and mused What now

The Rolling Stones have rocked past fifty
Keef’s alive, now there’s a mystery

And Victor’s still ruling on Y and R
Quit on Chrysler, sold my K Car

So I paid too much for an iPad Touch
Thank you Apple, for my digital crutch

Some celebrity girl is doing The Twerk
We’re all streaming YouTube at work

Middle-aged moms loading soft-core porn
Tea Party’s on and to Jesus they’re sworn

Automatic toys in playrooms down South
If guns make you nervous shut your mouth

Looping mass murder on CNN
Piers and pundits round table again

Time to crowd source another flash mob
Vacant Occupation is a full-time job

Entitled vandals in designer hoodies
Smashing plate glass and looting goodies

Now I’m tucked in café with free WiFi
Watching it all and wondering why

Don’t ping me, man, but don’t leave me alone
Tonight or any night, you can use the phone

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