Friday, 18 October 2013


One by One

I dream my dreams one by one
And forget them in the morning when they’re done

I wear my faces one by one
Then hang them in the closet when they’re done

I smoke my cigs one by one
And then crush them out when I’m done

I drink my whiskeys one by one
And brood out the window until they’re done

I toast my friends one by one
Here’s to us, cheers, we’re not done

I miss my loves one by one
Messed up again, sorry, we’re done

I recall my memories one by one
And file them away when I’m done

I judge our gods one by one
And condemn them all before I’m done

I ponder every galaxy one by one
What’s out there when it’s said and done

I’ve lived these lives one by one
And I'll be grateful when they’re done

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