Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Ave Amor Jesu (a Catholic hymn arranged for choral and organ)

Jesus Christ is a pretty nice guy to all us wretched sinners
Sundays He serves up brunch, sometimes He springs for dinner

Jesus Christ was a hirsute guy, like all us hairy sinners
But He only grew a beard because He had no trimmer

Jesus Christ is a guiding light to all of us filthy sinners
Sunbeams sparkle on His head, His halo has no dimmer

Jesus Christ is patient too, with all us miserable sinners
Sometimes He does get mad though His temper is on simmer

Jesus Christ was a fisherman and hope for us drowning sinners
He learned to walk on water because He was no swimmer

Jesus Christ is an upbeat guy amongst all us guilty sinners
He said Life is bad but when you’re dead you will be a winner

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