Friday, 31 July 2015



Shameless Self Promotion


“If you read just one work of fiction this year, make sure it’s Duke Street Kings by Geoff Moore!” - meGeoff


“Epic in its scope, subtle in its nuance!” – meGeoff


“A towering achievement!” – meGeoff


“I laughed, I cried; what a stupendous rollercoaster ride!” – meGeoff


“An instant classic!” - meGeoff


Well, the early reviews of my new novel Duke Street Kings are beginning to trickle in. (Full disclosure: I, erm, wrote them - somebody had to.) The book is literally hot off the press and available now. The ink’s still wet.


The story details the dark larks and antics of a gang of ex-pat Montrealers reunited in Calgary and the eventual dissolution of their long standing mutual friendships. Duke Street Kings is certified 100-per-cent werewolf, wizard and vampire free.


Today is the first day of a soft launch. As summer winds down Duke Street Kings will roll into Canadian bookstores provided there’s shelf space available between the votive candle sets and the LIVE LAUGH LOVE throw cushions. The novel will soon be available on Amazon; be careful, don’t confuse me with the other Geoff Moore, a popular Christian musician. Preliminary plans are afoot for an e-book edition of Duke Street Kings and I hope that digital door remains ajar. During the month of September I expect to be roadrunning Alberta’s Highway 2 for reading and signing appearances in Edmonton and Calgary. There’s a decent deli halfway between the two cities in Red Deer’s Gasoline Alley. I’ve no qualms about hawking my books and I really love sandwiches.


On the lower right hand side of this page is a link to The Delete Bin, a music blog I visit frequently because it has always engaged me. If you’re inclined to jump over there on Monday, August 3rd you can read an essay I wrote detailing why the titles of both of my novels (Murder Incorporated was the first) were lifted from the songs of Bruce Springsteen.


A writer writes to be read. Warren Zevon said we don’t buy books so much as the time to read them. So I’m not actually trying to sell you anything here, I’m merely suggesting you should invest in yourself and use that time wisely. Spend it with me.


You can order advance copies of Duke Street Kings immediately directly from my publisher Falcon Press by visiting In North America you can also reach Falcon Press by phoning 1-877-284-5181. Please note that online orders are strictly via PayPal. Telephone orders offer a little more flexibility. Those payments may be made either by cheque or e-transfer.

Bookmark meGeoff for future updates and news of Duke Street Kings.


  1. Just ordered it! Can't wait...

  2. Duke's first sale! Thanks, Ian.