Sunday, 26 October 2014



A Fine State of Affairs


Snow water flowing through my downspouts

I’m annoyed enough to be just a little put out

Headed down the street to the end of the world

Drinking and smoking, my head in a whirl

A lost soul rampaged in the streets of Ottawa

Chopped down by a modern Big Joe Mufferwa

Ebola may now be loose in New York City

All you sneezing subway riders have my pity

And is IS a new FaceBook acronym for hell

Because at first they Tweeted ISIS, or was it ISIL

Activist investors short their third world airlines

Death makes for profitable, high-five times

While the oil trains keep running off their track

The engineer radios, There’s no turning back

American blue chips swirling down the drain

Driving cocaine market mad bulls half insane

As Coca-Cola bottles joy, diabetes and obesity

And McDonald’s purveys Pablum to the needy

I turned around and trudged my snowy way home

Got inside, listened to the Beatles and the Stones

Gimme shelter

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