Friday, 16 May 2014


Song of the 21st Century Privileged White Male

You know it’s been hard for we two
I’ve strived for acceptance - just like you
You may seethe for just being born
For me existence is the daily norm
Now you want me to call you xe
Not him, not her, nor she nor he
My vocabulary is a sort of weapon
As I spew the lexicon of oppression
But not every word is necessarily political
Perhaps I’m insensitive, maybe cynical
You seem to dream of generic utopia
Where everyone sees with grey myopia
All those countless nasty inferences
As you whinge about our differences
So I’ll never walk a mile in your shoes
As they’re not in a style I’d ever choose
Honey, how you dress is your affair
Though I’d rethink the cut of your hair
Behold! The patriarchal bogeyman
Pushing a mower, with a farmer’s tan
Fairy rings and dandelions matter
Not your idiot pronoun chatter
Your issues, yep, they’re the real deal
I've been shopping for a new fifth wheel
Big new toys, hell, they’re my life
Because I married trouble and strife
And I didn’t write this to put you down
Because I believe in what comes around
But no parlez the tongue of your tribe
You make up words to keep me outside
Yet, all you really, really want to be
Is an average guy – just like me

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