Thursday, 27 March 2014



My Favourite Word

I like ‘fuck,’ I think it’s swell
And I pronounce it rather well
I have screamed it in the street
Uttered it in a flush of heat
I often use it as a verb
A noun, a gerund, or just a word
Fuck you, you fucking fuck
Moron, cretin, you dumb cluck
I still spin the Sex Pistols often
‘Cause no one sings it like Johnny Rotten
But mainly I’ve just fucked myself
With gospel lies from the Catholic shelf
When the boss said, ‘It’ll be this way’
I cashed my cheque and said, ‘Okay’
When truth became our leaders’ lies
This voter took it all in stride
My ideals and self-respect
Are epitomes of a fucking wreck
Freud suggests I blame my mother
Yet my life’s my own and no other
Some days I want to lose this skin
Though I can never come back again
I’ve learned to cope each night and day
And ‘Fuck it all,’ is what I say

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