Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Men's Olympic Hockey


Last year Hockey Canada unveiled our 2014 Sochi sweater. While the Nike design alluded to the pop art maple leaf design of the '72 Summit Series, most of us were reminded of Pierre Trudeau's national chain of gas stations.

Yesterday, after months of tiresome speculation in all media, we were graced with the genuine composition of the men's Olympic hockey team roster. Gold is a literal lock; we're stacked. Honest. A month to go. Please keep your head up Sidney Crosby.

All that remains in the interim, Russian security concerns aside, is for the Quebec government's Minister of Antagonizing the Rest of Canada to complain about that province's latest and most humiliating humiliation in regard to the make up of the national men's hockey squad. Not enough Quebecois. But then it gets trickier: does Team Canada hockey garb constitute religious attire under the proposed Charter of Values? A Habs sweater sure does.

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